When someone dies the administration of the estate (whether or not they leave a Will) is called the probate process.

There are numerous opportunities for moving this process forward faster and more easily - and there are mistakes that can loom out of the fog for the inexperienced.

It is always sensible to make a plan at or near the start of the process. You will want to consider a vast number of variables - for example if there is any reason to move quickly or slowly; whether markets are moving up or down; and all the numerous actions you can take along the way to maintain forward impetus. If the adviser is not careful, unnecessary delay can lead to expense, penalty or missed opportunity.

Hiring a solicitor to deal with an estate can be the most sensible step you take, and my clients often find they save more than they spend. You will have the comfort of knowing that matters are under the consideration of someone experienced in this field, so no unexpected traps will be sprung. The processes involved in administration involve contracts, Court Orders and Accounts, and a solicitor is used to dealing with such matters.

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